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Shown here are some pictures of my office - these taken in September 2010. I've added a few things and changed stuff around since my pictures of 2008 including the figurines I bought while in Japan in February of 2010.

The artwork was done by my daughter, Stephanie and the prints in the corner were done by Wendy or CHX, the name she went by on Anime-beta for awhile.

I started watching anime because my two daughters were introduced to it by their cousins in 2000. Curiosity got the best of me and from then on it's been a continuation of watching and collecting anime. When my girls were in their teens, it was a great subject to have in common, but now I watch more than either of them. My oldest daughter was influenced so much she is currently in art college. So anime is still a common subject for all us, though my youngest daughter likes video games more.


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