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Rurouni Kenshin - Siesuohen/Samurai X - Reflection

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The ending OVAs of Samurai X. Sort of a spoiler, but these episodes had me in tears from the beginning through to the end. It was so sad to see such a amazing man in such a weak state. These few episodes affected me for days.

 Kenshin & Kaoru - ep 1

 Kenshin with Kaoru - 2010 Anime beta award - Romance 2nd place

 Kenshin with Kaoru behind



 Kenji - ep 1

 Not his best day

 Kenshin - ep 2

 Kenshin during Enishi fight - 2014 Anime-Beta Cel award - Action - 2nd place

 Sagara Sanosuke - '09 beta award - Male 2nd place


 Kenshin - ep 1

 Kenshin & Kaoru

 Kenshin & Kaoru

 Yahiko - ep 1


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