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Hikaru no Go - repro cels

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I have to admit at first I only read the manga; however, I had an unfortunate event which left me stuck at home for a weekend. I started watching the anime and couldn't stop. Now, I appreciate this series so much more since I have seen it all. It is among my top 5 favorites, if you couldn't already tell. ^_^

These are reproduction cels of my favorite characters from Hikaru no Go

 Akira Touya

 Sai repro


 Akira Touya OP repro

 Hikaru - OP repro

 Akira Touya

 Hikaru Shindo

 Chibi Hikaru Shindou

 Chibi Hikaru Shindou - ep 1

 Yoshitaka Waya -

 Yoshitaka Waya

 Yoshitaka Waya - ep 52

 Shinichirou Isumi

 Shinichirou Isumi

 Isn't he just a cutie!! - ep 1


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